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Sustainable Interiors

The environment and overall well being have always been on the forefront of my world - especially after having kids.

People used to make fun of me for being so ‘granola’, but deep down, I know that what I am providing my family and my body will not only will benefit us, but is a small drop in the bucket of helping the world be better.

From being a low-tox household, mindful of waste and consumption, donating and purchasing as responsibly as I can, it’s forever a learning experience and one that I am committing to and hopefully teaching my children.

It won’t happen overnight, it’s a process, so raising awareness of responsible living is my goal. When it comes to Sustainable Interior Design, I have lots to learn and I can’t wait to share what I discover, how I can help you implement that into your design and how you can implement that into your humble abode!

Thanks to the Business Examiner for allowing me to use this platform to begin/continue this journey…Check out the article below below and check out some other Movers & Shakers in the industry!

A great podcast if you’re interested is Green By Design by Eco Method Interiors to start you off…I am hooked!

Tell me how you are educating yourself or changing habits in your home. Even just small steps like using less single-use plastics, purchasing secondhand furniture or clothing, using energy efficient appliances, to cleaning the air in your home with plants! It all counts :)

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