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Jess Wageman Homes offers a fresh and friendly approach to the Real Estate market in Sooke and beyond. I pride myself on providing my clients with everything they need to make buying and selling property as stress-free as possible. No matter if you’re looking to buy your first home, find a temporary rental or sell your current house, I can help you find the best opportunities. Real Estate isn't just about a transaction. For me, it's more about getting to you know and creating a relationship to ensure we're both on the same page, understand each other so that we can truly land on a property that's perfect for your every need!

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My Story

Jessica is a FIFO (fly in/fly out) wife and mother of two little girls. She is originally from Kelowna, BC and moved overseas to pursue her English teaching career in both Mexico and Vietnam for most of her young adult life. She studied Linguistics at the University of British Columbia Vancouver, graduating with a BA in Applied Linguistics and speaks Spanish and Vietnamese conversationally.


Working overseas has given Jessica a greater vision of culture, humanities and an appreciation for architecture and design. She made the career change from languages to design by honing in on a lifelong passion for interior decorating creating a bespoke style of her own and decided to start her successful business, J.Designs Studios, just after she moved to Sooke, BC in 2015. 


With her current home design business, Jessica is a well-rounded real estate advisor with the knowledge of home design, staging, micro-renovations and organization to allow her clients to see potential in spaces they may not be able to see. She can paint that picture for you so you can make the best and biggest decision for you and your family with all the tools in your toolkit.  


Jessica is passionate about giving back especially to organizations such as volunteering for Women's Shelters and Resource Centres, Vietnam SOS Children's Villages, Blue Dragon Children's Foundation Vietnam, Kiva and more.