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Your design dreams, delivered right to your inbox! Experience the convenience of transforming your space from the comfort of your home with personalized guidance and curated recommendations. No need for on-site visits—just seamless, stylish solutions at your fingertips.

Step into e-Design

How Our E-Design Service Operates:

Upon purchasing your e-Design package, you'll receive an email to fill out a detailed form outlining your project requirements. Following this, we'll reach out to schedule a thorough design consultation conducted over the phone. To prepare for the consultation, we'll request measurements, photos of your current space, and 2-3 inspirational images for your project. During the call, we will delve into your needs, ensuring alignment and clarity. Depending on the scale of your e-Design project, we can either work with your existing furniture or propose an entirely new layout.

Once the comprehensive phone consultation concludes, the design phase kicks off!

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