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vintage vibes

Styling a property that's about to be listed is one of my favourite projects! With this particular listing, the sellers had a lot of mid-century decor and instead of getting rid of it all for a more modern stage, we used what they had and kept that beautiful vintage vibe. The only items I brought were some vintage decor pieces, upgraded bedding and throws and fresh flowers!

Styling a home for sale doesn't have to break the bank, let's use what you have, give it some love and change up the layout so you can really accentuate what your home has to offer. Decluttering, depersonalizing (yet retaining the personality), and a good deep clean goes a LONG WAY!

If you ever have any questions on what to do to get your home ready for listing, send me an email! I include all staging and styling with my listing packages to my clients free of charge!

Already have a realtor®? Message me about my Listing Styling packages.

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