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Design Trends in 2023

what's in & what's out

Trends in design don't just come and go, fade in and fade out...they tend to stick around for about a 3-year cycle, if not longer. Why? It's just too expensive to be switching out decor and renovating constantly! I mean, as a designer, I redesign and replace my decor often, but it's more out of obsession and hobby...and therapy! The average home owner will renovate or change decor sometimes upwards to 10 years or more! We're living life, it gets crazy and it's not usually top of mind.

But, if you're looking to spruce up your home, here are some design trends to keep and eye on. You will probably recognize a lot of them because design, like fashion, is cyclical and some vintage styles are coming back! One of the biggest trends we're seeing go, is all white everything and I am here for it!

1. Textured walls. Whether it's exposed brick, plaster, lime wash, to seagrass wall paper, it's in. If you've been following me for a while you know I tried a faux finish in my bathroom and I am in love. Limewash, microcement, DIY applications are all the rave right now. Would you try this at home?

2. Earthy tones. Back to basics, brown. But an updated, non-80s brown and every shade in between. Even desert sand tones such as mauve, dusty pinks, and coral. Bring on the creamier, warmer whites, tones of taupe, rust and caramel. Yes! Don't be afraid, these colours are mouthwatering and NOT cheesy and bland like previous decades!

3. Moody tones. We are getting away from the whites. How do you feel about this? Dark greens, dark blues, jewel tones, deep sultry shades. Small room, doesn't matter, as long as you have lots of natural light coming in, go ahead and paint it dark!

4. Patterned wallpaper. Yep, it's back! Floral prints and beyond! And wallpaper isn't what it used to be. It's easier to hang and remove with peel and stick varieties. Want a list of my favourite wallpaper sources? See below!

Wallpaper sources:

5. Brutalism. What is this? It's the concept of raw materials in design, such as raw concrete floors, striking structures and super simple angles.

What's out? According to VOGUE, here's what they're saying is OUT.

1. The Instagram know the one...the tuffetted block sofa that you see all over IG? Yep...time for an upgrade! It's the Mario Bellini Camaleonda sofa as seen below.

2. Overdressed beds (and sofas). Yes! Can we declutter our beds, please? I mean, I love throw pillows, but 15 on the bed might just be overkill...I am happy about this one.

3. Modern Farmhouse. It's a super popular style and stayed strong, but it's starting to feel very 2020. Cozy, but dated. (in photo below, see overdressed sofa)

4. Statement shelves. Bye bye 'shelfie'! Less is more, simple, clean and decluttered. We don't need to see every knickknack you have displayed.

I will leave it at that!

If some of these Don't-Do designs are still in your me! Let's update, upgrade and bring you to the now. However, if you still like them, no worries. It's YOUR home, no one else's, so never feel judged or pressured to stay with the times in home design. Home is supposed to be comfortable and safe for you and your family. It's a place for you to rest and relax from our busy days, not a place to impress others.

For me, home is a reflection of my brain and a safe haven for me and my family. I grew up in a lot of different homes. My family moved for my father's work nearly every year, so design and creating a space that I felt reflected me and was cozy was my way of controlling that little bit of life that I felt was my own. Unpacking the house was the best because I could rearrange and style the home the way I wanted, so now, I just do it in my own home and others!

If you have any questions about how or what you can do in your space, just DM me! I would love to chat about design over a coffee.



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