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The Home Office reVamp

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

How we rearranged and redesigned this home office.

The pandemic changed how we work and many home offices were born and all versions of them, too! There is the cloffice (closet office), bedroom office, kitchen table office, the sofa office, the bunk-the-kids-together office, tiny nook office, under the stairs office and more! People were getting creative.

Companies have changed some of their work-from-home policies and now many of those home offices are permanent or preferred.

My client's home office is more of a den at the front of her house. There is no door so the design really had to flow with the rest of the home. With a beachy, coastal vibe, we created this beautiful oasis where she is more than happy to spend some time in and get sh*t done!

Here are 3 things that we did to really juj (*not really sure how to spell that!) the space and brighten it up...

#1 - Board & Batten

Wood siding that consists of narrow vertical strips (battens) installed over a flat base (board) is known, logically enough, as board and batten and was originally used as a way to prevent the dents and dings on the lower portion of plaster walls caused by scooted chairs and other everyday bumps. Around the mid-1900s, board and batten became a desirable “look” and now we're seeing a comeback!

It's a cheap and easy way to really luxurify (new word!) any space! My client's hubby and father-in-law were kind enough to install this elegant feature. By using baseboard/window trim in 12ft lengths really cut down the cost. You can even buy a large MDF panel and cut it into strips. For this project, we matched it to the height of the trim of the pillars just under the light switches. We also kept it the same colour as the original trim for a smooth transition to the rest of the home (colour: White Dove, BM)

There are no hard a fast rules to placement, but many place it about 32in from the floor, though I usually discuss what the room will be used for. For instance, if it's a feature wall, then I'd go the full height of the wall to the ceiling, however if you want pictures, then perhaps about 4-5 feet from the floor and install a picture ledge. There are SO many options and styles these days, so check out my Pinterest board I've saved just for this topic here.

Below is the back wall and new zoom background! See the before pic below, as well.

#2 - Paint

A great paint colour selection can really make or break a space. She already had a light-ish colour on the wall, however, when the blinds were closed and she was filming her videos, it became a dark, unreflective cave! Ok, not that dark, but it really didn't show well on video.

We went through her house, looked at some items that were really inspirational for her and found some hues that were bright, crisp and clean. We chose 5-6 colours, more of a grey hue with either a blue, green or brown undertone. We decided to go with Paper White by BM which has a nice blend of blue/grey and reflects the beautiful natural light that comes in through the windows.

"My friends loved it too! Thought it was out of a design magazine!" – Client

#3 - Rug

Ooooh, the rug is a big one and I always recommend one! If you have a really light space, think about adding a rug with darker colours to really anchor the space. Also, choosing a rug size can be confusing. Here is my go-to rug size guide. For this room, we decided to fill the whole space up with about 6-8in of space between the rug and wall.

Because she has a roll/swivel office chair, we wanted something low-pile yet comfortable and durable, especially with pets and kids, so we chose the Herdanza Delft Blue Rug one from my favourite family rug company,

#4 - Desk Position

I am a big advocate for how your desk is positioned and how it effects your work day. If you have to be staring at your computer, do you really want to be facing a boring wall too? Why not look out and beyond! Having your desk face out, specifically to the door, if possible, brings energy and strength. It's called the Commanding Position and it has to do with Feng Shui!

Want to read more? Check out this article for how you can arrange your office to "attract good luck and happiness in your work and life."

#5 - Make it Personal

It's YOUR space! Not mine. And that's why I don't like to make my designs sterile or that don't match with the rest of your home! It might be a new space compared to the rest of your house, but that doesn't mean it has to be mismatched or not reflect you and your family.

How do we do this? One of my questions for my clients before we start is to show me some of their inspiration, something in their home that they love. It might be a pillow, photo, art. It could be an article of clothing, a vase, anything! I also get them to show my around their home, so that I can plan the design to fit in with the rest of the house. That being said, the most important task is to notice items in their home that we can repurpose! I am a big fan of shopping within your home as there might be items that we can breathe life into! They deserve to be noticed! Or, we can refurbish furniture. I also like to thrift wherever possible.

For this project, we took her vertical Kallax bookshelf and turned it horizontal to give her more desk space and usable storage. We brought in many vases, pictures and books from around the house for the shelves and I even thrifted that round mirror from Restore for $10!

#6 - Accent Chair

Oh I do love a good accent chair and for all the right reasons! Someone always wants to come in and chat while you're working! Believe me, I work from home too! And, sometimes you just want a different perspective.

This accent chair is perfect for this space. It brings warmth with the wood arms/legs. The colour is soft, yet it makes a statement. By adding a throw blanket and a pillow, it makes you really want to cozy up with a cup of tea and watch the rain outside.

#7 - Plants

Not just plants, but plants in baskets! Plants bring life into your home (even if they are faux plants) Add height with a tree in the corner (cuz why not?) and hide the pot in a basket. But keep it manageable, if you don't have time, get quality faux plants and don't forget to dust them!

That's it!

If you need a space update, try these tips! Rearrange the desk, lighten it up with some paint and declutter! And if you need help, don't hesitate to shoot me a message. Having a space that's inspiring and functional is my one and only goal...oh, and if it looks nice...we all win!

Leave a comment below and tell me what your biggest challenge is in your home office. Also, check out my J.Designs Studio page for more project updates!

Lastly, if you’ve made it this far, give me a follow over on Instagram There you see what I’m up to daily with projects, family, work and everything in between!


- jess wageman

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